Stralus is a brand owned and exclusively distributed by the Paragon Care Group. Paragon Care ensures that the Stralus beds you purchase are free from manufacturing or material faults and has a performance that you would expect for use by a healthcare professional.
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Stralus C200 Series Bed


Medical Surgical Hospital Bed Series Warranty effective date 01/12/2017


WARRANTY COVERAGE: Axis Health warrants to the original user of its products that the products will, at the date of initial purchase, meet the applicable specification for such products and will be free from any defects in materials or manufacture under normal use for the standard warranty period stated in the products warranty. (see table 1 below).


LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Axis Health will not be liable for any incidental, special, indirect or consequential damages, incorrect storage, product modification, incorrect use resulting from any defect in the product purchased.



Axis Health at its sole discretion will replace or repair defective components or faulty workmanship from the date of purchase for the following periods:



  • Frame Construction & Welding: 5 Years
  • Linak Actuators & Control Box: 5 Years
  • Castors, Mechanical Components, Side Rails Polymer or Metal, Accessories: 2 Years
  • Hand Controller, Mattress: 1 Year
  • Exclusions: Batteries


Preventative Maintenance Programs

To protect the investment of the beds and other equipment, through our Service & Technology business units we offer comprehensive Preventative Maintenance programs. These programs ensure that the fleet of equipment is working at the optimum levels at all times ensuring maximum patient care and comfort.


Contact Axis Health service department on +61 3 9922 0300

In order to expedite service we request customer details, product model, serial number and a detailed description of the problem.